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As part of Puppet Theater Sampo’s audience engagement work, we have prepared materials for primary school teachers and early childhood education staff, which can be used before or after the performance to expand the experience. For now, the materials are available only in Finnish, but we aim to have translations for them soon available too.

The material contains tips to help you explore and experiment with puppetry performance with a group of children.

We have a teacher’s material that can be used in connection to any performance, and separately there is a material for the KEKRI! performance. Material for other performances coming soon!

You can load the materials here as pdf:

Opettajan materiaali_Sampo




Table Theater Equipment, Making Hand Puppets Package, Puppet Theater! -book

Sampo has a lot of tips and equipment for puppet theater, which will help you learn how to make puppet theater performances yourself and with children.

  • The table theater package includes puppets and scenery from cartboard (to be cut out and built) for 18 fairy tales and a book with fairy tales adapted for puppet theater. The book is also available in English. The package, implemented by Maija Baric and Camilla Mickwitz, has been made in collaboration with the Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto.
  • The hand puppet package has similar content in a smaller size: the heads of the puppets, which a body can be attached to with different techniques.
  • Maija Baric’s award-winning book Puppet Theater! provides tips and instructions for making puppetry with different techniques. Kristiina Louhi’s beautiful illustrations gives wings to the imagination. Also available in English.

Products can be purchased from the webstore or ordered from the theater office, in which case we will send an invoice for the order by e-mail.



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