Education and audience engagement

Puppet Theatre Sampo has created a unique puppet theatre art education system, that tens of thousands of children and adults have had a chance to learn by and familiarize themselves with the world of puppetry in over 40 years.

Along with this art education program, Sampo has also published versatile puppetry equipment and books that have also received wide international attention and been translated to many different languages.

Sampo offers puppetry courses and materials for both children and adults, giving a great opportunity to learn by doing and trying it out yourself!

Sampo’s audience engagement work is based on artist meetings, teacher cooperation and diverse art education materials. The starting point is the child at the center, as a functional, thinking, imaginative person. All Sampo employees are involved in the development of audience engagement.

One part of the audience engagement is the teacher’s materials related to the performances, which contain tips for watching the performance and handling the experience, as well as making puppet theater together with a group of children.

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