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Now available: Tickets for the opening performance of SAMPO 2021 Festival: Dirty Duckling – Funny! Also available: tickets for performances in culture houses for autumn 2021.

The theatre is closed for the time being. You can contact us via email or phone (see Contact info). In the summer we have summer holidays, but we follow the office email all the time!

Puppet Theatre Fairytales read out loud now available in Finnish! Check out Taidekasvatusmateriaali and listen to Prinsessa Ruusunen – Sleeping Beauty read by Susan Aho.

If you had tickets to a cancelled performance in autumn 2020, they can be used for one month after we can reopen the theatre. The same applies for gift tickets that expired during the lockdown in the autumn.

Puppet Theatre Sampo is a part of Culture kids project, organized by the city of Helsinki. All children born in Helsinki in 2021 will be invited to the project as godchildren of the theaters of Helsinki. Read more: Culture kids

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