Safety in Theater

The following guidelines will be carefully considered so that we can all come to watch the performances safely together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Only a part of the places in the auditorium are in use so that we can maintain the necessary safety distances between individual spectators / groups. The auditorium is unnumbered.
  • The entrances and lobby areas are kept congested and we open the auditorium doors well in advance so you can choose your place in peace. There are no separate seats, because we have benches – please make sure that you leave a sufficient space to the next spectator, when choosing your seat. Staff will check and give instructions if necessary.
  • Observe safety distances also when queuing or waiting.
  • Use hand sanitizers, when you arrive. There are several in the premises. Washing your hands when arriving is also a good idea.
  • Please come to the theatre well in advance, hurry does not help to ensure safety.
  • If you wish, you can take your clothes to the auditorium, but the clothes rack in the foyer is also in use (we hope that larger bags will still be left in the foyer, for security reasons). Prams should be left in the courtyard.
  • While waiting for the performance to begin, you can choose a table in the café and order something. The café is also open after the performance. Only one person at a time to the counter!
  • We prefer card payment at the ticket desk and the cafe.
  • During the performance, we hope you will stay at the place you have chosen. If it is difficult for a child to stay still, etc., it is a good idea to choose a side seat, so that you can easily get out of the auditorium into the lobby if necessary.
  • Leaving the auditorium after the performance will happen row by row, starting from the first row. Please wait for the staff´s instructions.
  • Please also make sure that you maintain a safety distance of 1-2 meters to other spectators and staff in all situations, including the foyer and toilets. Staff will guide if necessary.
  • Tickets for performances should be booked in advance so that we can take care of safety and keep the number of audience members limited.
  • When booking, we ask for your contact information, in order to contact you if the performance should be canceled or after the performances, if exposures occur.
  • We take extra good care of the cleanliness of the theatre and surfaces are wiped several times a day.
  • Don’t come to the theatre if you don’t feel completely healthy! Tickets can always be transferred to a later performance if you contact us beforehand.
  • Cough or sneeze only into a handkerchief or your sleeve if there is no handkerchief. Hand washing / disinfection is also necessary thereafter.
  • The theatre staff only comes to work completely healthy. We also use face masks / visors in customer service. So don’t be scared if we look like outer space types!
  • We strongly recommend customers to also use a face mask, according to regulations in place. This applies to people over 12 years old.

We follow the pandemic performance guidelines for the performing arts sector which you can find out more about on the Finnish Theatres’ Associations website (link) and we follow THL’s (Finnish National Health Service) current guidelines.

With these instructions, we wish everyone a wonderful time at the Puppet Theatre!

(updated 28.7.2021)

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